Does Popping Pimples Damage the Skin?

Pimple popping … if we’re really honest, we all do it. Even if we know we shouldn’t. But what’s the base behind this tale as old as time? WHY shouldn’t we?

We at MINERAL Beauty System listed below 4 reasons why you shouldn’t be popping your pimples. However, if you must scratch that itch – go to a dermatology professional! 😇

1. You’re preventing your body from healing

When you’re in front of your bathroom mirror, about to rip your pimple a new one you might be doing more harm than good. When you pop a pimple you’re forcing out all of its contents to the surface – emphasis on the word force. Pressing and pulling on your skin could cause it to tear, causing a wound that could take months to heal, or worst-case scenario also becomes infected.

2. You’ll tear your skin

Progress over perfection, slow and steady – we all know these words are often said when we try to reach a goal. Skincare goals are no different.

Instead of making progress, popping your pimple could ultimately lead to tearing of the skin, or pushing the bacteria and oil down further into the skin leading to an even LARGER pimple. Pressing on the inflamed skin can cause the pimple to become redder, swollen and infected, and will impact your skincare success story in the long run.

3. You might make the pimple worse/create more pimples.

What can make a pimple spawn? That’s right popping.

Your skin is sensitive to outside influence, and once “popped” there is a chance that the bacteria, oil, and debris that are being released can spread and lead to more acne. That’s something no one wants!

4. You might leave a scar.

So after you’re done poking and prodding, possibly inflaming your acne more, or adding a friend to the mix, you might also be left with a little reminder. Yes, we’re talking about scars and hyperpigmentation.

While hyperpigmentation is often left from most acne, those with cystic pimples can, unfortunately, be stuck with textural changes. That’s why treating your pimples properly is of the utmost importance.

Our tip to kickstart pimple relief and minimize scarring: MINERAL Beauty System’s Dead Sea Pure Mud has 26 naturally occurring minerals that provide the skin with essential nutrients to minimize inflammation. This unique Pure Mud also helps to absorb skin secretions (excess oil and perspiration) which makes it the perfect deep cleaning cleanser or mask for problematic skin.

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