1. What does Private Label or White Label mean?

Private Label options in BIO-ROM are a quick to market option for already established or new brands. We are creating ready for retail body, hair and face care products with your label on them.

BIO-ROM offers several private label options:

  1. Most of our customers choose a private label or white label option where they use our standard formulations in our standard packaging if they opt for smaller quantities (<1000pcs/item) and fast delivery.
  2. Another option is to use our standard formulation but get another packaging option. For this there is a higher MOQ required. The higher the quantity the easier it is to get your own packaging. Unfortunately packaging MOQs are usually very high, somewhere around 3000-6000pcs for more standard packaging and 10,000-50,000pcs for more unique and elegant packaging with printing or special colors or material.
  3. You may also choose to send us your preferred packaging.

2. Who is private Label cosmetic for?

Private label personal care products are a great opportunity for resellers who are looking into entering the market with products under their own labels and more limited quantities. This is especially popular for Amazon resellers, Influencers, Online/Offline Stores, Cosmetic Salons, Pharmacies, …

3. How does the private label process work with BIO-ROM?

  1. We suggest to visit our brand’s page www.mineralbeautysystem.com first to get an overview of our available products and how our packaging looks. Most of these products are also available under private label.
  2. Contact us for further information on the full product line, MOQs, options,… As we have very experienced Key Account Managers please feel free to contact us for any kind of assistance. If you already have a target group but have difficulties finding the right products in our extensive range, let us know, we will happily suggest the best products for your concept and target group.
  3. Once the products and quantities have been agreed, we will send you the label guidelines. We have a few label printing companies which our customers usually work with and have been satisfied with so far. Or you choose to print your labels in a company close to you.
  4. Once the labels have arrived in our premises your products get the final make-over and will be ready for shipment soon.
  5. Your private label cosmetic line is ready to enter the market! 🙂

4. As a Dead Sea Salt Supplier, what kind of salt do you offer?

As the official distributor of Dead Sea Salt in Europe, we offer a variety of grain sizes and salt types.

100% Dead Sea Salt is available in

  • Coarse Grade
  • Fine Grade
  • as well as in different color and scent options

Dead Sea Low Mineral Salt (Table Salt Quality) is available in

  • Coarse Grade
  • Fine Grade

Packaging Options:

  • Consumer sized packaging (500g, 1kg)
  • Bulk packaging (25kg bags)
  • Customized packaging – Please get in contact with us to find out if your customized packaging option is available.

5. Why can Dead Sea Salt vary in price so much?

Dead Sea Salt may vary in place of origin, degree of cleaning, color (clear white or yellowish), moisture level of salt and mineral content. Only full mineral Dead Sea Salt carries the amount of minerals which the Dead Sea is famous for. We only distribute highest qualitative, clear white, fully cleaned and fully dry and carefully chosen salt from the Israeli side of the Dead Sea. Contact us to get a quote!


If you have any further questions, feel free to leave us a message: office@biorom.net