The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is well known for its health-giving benefits.
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Key Benefits that Dead Sea Minerals are given

Discover the benefits of the Dead Sea
Dry Skin

The powerful minerals aid in the management of dry skin.

Help against

Our products may help against Acne, Psoriasis, Neurodermatitis, …

Baths & Treatment

Our powerful products are ideal for baths for treatment purposes.

Minimizes pores

The dead sea minerals are a great tool for minimizing pores.

Dead Skin Cells

The dead sea minerals also exfoliate dead skin cells.

Necessary Minerals

The powerful minerals also nourish the skin with necessary minerals

Dead Sea Water vs. Mediterranean Sea

Discover the huge difference of these two

Dead Sea Water

Mediterranien Sea

The dead sea and its salinity

Thousands of people are travelling yearly to the Dead Sea, located along Israel´s border with Jordan, to profit from the unique properties of this unique 900 km² Salt lake located over 400 meter below sea level. The salinity of the Dead Sea can reach up to 34%. Comparing this to the regular salinity of regular seawater, this is about 30 times higher.

Also the composition of the Dead Sea salt varies significantly compared to regular Sea Water. It contains 26 minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium and other trace minerals. Thus the Dead Sea has a tremendous beneficial health impact.

Illnesses like arthritis, psoriasis, scaly skin, joint pain as well as various skin problems can be helped by using Dead Sea Treatment.

The history of the Dead Sea as a natural SPA.

The history of the Dead Sea as a natural SPA goes back thousands of years. Already the peoples from Ancient Egypt have not only bathed in the salty lake but have also extracted the salt, mud and minerals and further processed them into creams, soaps and other body care products.

Myth has it that already Cleopatra, the last female pharaoh in the territory of Egypt and Herod, also known as Herod the Great, the roman client king have fought over the Dead Sea. Cleopatra wanted to use the healing powers for her beauty routines while Herod used the water and its Aloe Vera rich surroundings for healing his wounded soldiers.

Now the healing powers of the Dead Sea Salt & Mud are more than just myth. For many years, the Dead Sea’s healing powers have widely been known and acknowledged.

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