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Private & White Label production

We are also specialized in Private & White Label production of cosmetic products for over 30 years. As such BIO-ROM laboratories is a reliable and competent partner in the production of your private label (white label). We are proud to being able to offer to you a range of over 150 products which are available in our standard packaging for a flexible MOQ and fast delivery or produced and package as per your requirements.

The ready to use formulas

The ready to use formulas have been extensively researched and are innovative & based on newest standards. They are mostly vegan, not tested on animals and produced to highest environmental standards. Our Research & Development Department as well as our production is equipped with cutting edge technology. Ensuring a state of the art research and an environmentally friendly production.

Individual solutions

It is our team’s priority to meet each client’s individual requirements, specifications and budget in order to achieve your exclusive private label products. Special productions according to your specifications are available (depending on product) as of 2000pcs/item. It is our desire to create product-formulations with the rejuvenating salt, mud, water & minerals from the Dead Sea enhanced with natural essential and caring oils as well as beneficial vitamins. As such, we manufacture some of the finest, top quality cosmetic products available worldwide.

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