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Mineral Beauty System Benefits

Discover the benefits of Mineral Beauty System
Highest Benefits

Dead Sea Minerals turned into unique body, face & hair care.

Fast Delivery

Due to EU Stock, we offer very short lead times.

Wide Range

Choose from over 150 Dead Sea cosmetic products.

Enchanting Scents

A full body experience through enchanting scents.

Unique Combination

Dead Sea Mud, Salt & Minerals with essential and caring oils & vitamins.

No Animal Testing

We love animals. So we don't experiment with them.


The majority of our products is produced without any animal substances.

Paraben Free

All of our products are 100% free of paraben.

CPNP Licensed

All our products are CPNP registered and ready for sale in EU.

Innovative Products

We love to spend a lot of time to develop new innovative products.

EU Logistic Center

All our products are shipped from the EU logistic center.

Ideal for

Ideal for physical stores, online shops, pharmacies, cosmetic salons, …

Perfect for your business

The MBS is perfect for physical shops, online shops, cosmetic studios, pharmacies, ...

Highest Standards

Mineral Beauty System’s range contains products which are produced to highest standards by using the latest technologies in an environmentally friendly factory. The range consists of Shampoos, face & body care including special creams and masks.

Huge Beneficial Effects

For 1000s of years the Dead Sea has been well known for its beneficial effects for the whole body. With Mineral Beauty System we have created a line which caters to the needs for those who wish to keep their skin well nourished and healthy.

+150 Powerful Products

Mineral Beauty System, offers over 150 different products with powerful & natural Dead Sea Minerals, Salt, Mud & Water. It thus appeals to a wide range of consumers spread through different market areas.

Our lines

Discover the variety of our products.
Dead Sea Classics

This timeless line offers the very best from the Dead Sea transformed into highly beneficial skin and hair care products. These body care products are ideal for customers with sensitive and problematic skin. They are especially popular for individuals dealing with dry skin, psoriasis, neurodermatitis and other skin issues. This Classic Line also offers a wide selection of products, which specially target cosmetic stores for treatments.

Hemp Oil

This line offers a unique combination of Dead Sea Minerals with cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil. The products enchant through a fresh scent and are rich in hydration turning them into a fountain of youth.

Argan Oil

The Argan Line products are formulated with a combination of Dead Sea Minerals with Argan Oil making the skin and hair treatments rich in antioxidants and moisture.

SPA Line

This youthful and fun line is exclusive in its colorful make-over and enchanting scents. The recipes were created by optimally matching Dead Sea Minerals with different natural caring oils and vitamins which nourish skin and hair. Body Scrub, Body Lotion, Body Butter, Body Lotion Spray, Shampoo, Shower Oil, Shower Mouse are available in a variety of fragrances such as Pomegranate, Fresh Ocean Breeze, Milk &  Honey,  Mango,…


The Dead Sea Minerals with Collagen is the anti-aging line for those longing for a lighter texture. The creams are enriched with further nourishing natural caring oils and vitamins to create a strong anti-aging treatment.

I Love Nature

The I love nature is a compact line with 6 different products. The line shines through a composure of Dead Sea Minerals and other effective organic, paraben free, SLS free, mineral oil free and silicon free ingredients. Face Creams are packaged in hygienic, white Air Less dispensers while the body and hair care products are filled in clean white bottles with Disc Top closures.

Raw Salt
Consumer sized or bulk packaging!

The rejuvenating raw materials from the Dead Sea Raw Material packed in easy accessible consumer sizes bringing the Dead Sea into everybody’s own walls and studios.



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